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10 Things We Learned About Chris Colfer at his #BNAuthorEvent

Glee star and author of the wildly popular “The Land of Stories” series Chris Colfer came to B&N to an event that filled the store. Fans had been waiting in line outside since the evening before (he brought everyone in the line cookies!), and the line snaked down four floors of the Union Square Barnes & Noble location. People in the audience came from Canada and Mexico, and many of them had already finished reading Chris’s latest book, Beyond the Kingdoms, that had been released that day, while they were waiting for the event to begin. We chatted with him for a few minutes before he greeted his super fans, and here’s what we learned:

He was influenced by the traditional fairy tales his mom used to read to him. “I remember she had a very unique storybook because rather than illustrations it was photographs of a doll positioned in dramatic action settings. And I think as a kid, it all seemed so real to me, I think that’s where it first clicked. And I started to daydream about what it would be like to enter into that world of fantasy. Every time I ever read a book about fantasy I just wanted to enter it.”

He’s also influenced by movies and music. “Usually when I write books I listen to movie soundtracks. It’s really kind of impossible for me to listen to a film score without seeing visuals in my head that the music inspires. So I definitely listen to that, especially when I’m outlining things. It really paints a picture for me of what each book should be.”

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