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Glee took its final bow on March 20, but what happened on the day cast members filmed the show’s powerful series-wrapping performance of One Republic’s “I Lived”? PEOPLE has an exclusive bonus feature from the Glee – The Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray, which shows the high school reunion-like gathering on the McKinley High School auditorium stage […]

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Can you imagine Glee’s iconic “Don’t Stop Believin’” performance with Twyla Tharp touches and knee-slides? How about McKinley’s school colors as anything but red, black, and white? A Glee without any gay characters? These were all real possibilities when the pilot episode was under development in 2008. Glee began as a movie script by co-creator […]

@TheMikeOMalley: Photographed while we were shooting the Wedding episode. Chris Colfer was the absolute best guy to act with…

.@chriscolfer & @darrencriss reflect on their friendship & share some advice for you crazy, wonderful Gleeks. #glee — GLEE (@GLEEonFOX) February 24, 2015

kevinmchale: Thank you Paramount for letting me and my friends hang out here for the past 6 years. You can have 5 of your stages back now.

loudmouthmuch: I love you both so much. @chriscolfer @ashley_fink #gleegoodbye #gleefamily #curtaincall