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Recording his last Glee song

hrhchriscolfer: Recording my last Glee song. Hope I find an excuse to sing after this.

Spoiler Chat: Glee

Matt: Glee scoop, please!

Start preparing yourselves, Gleeks, because the finale is coming a lot sooner than you think! We were just on the set for the final Sectionals of Glee ever, and in between shedding a few tears as we said goodbye to the glittery chandeliers, bright flashing lights and colorful costumes—as well as some of the most intricate and complicated choreography we’ve ever seen on the Fox show before!—we also got some scoop on the finale! While Sectionals takes place in the penultimate episode, the series finale is going to be mainly slower ballads and solos as each character gets their final chance to shine in the spotlight for a much more emotional and powerful episode rather than big budget performances. Our advice? Stock up on Kleenex…now.


Chris to attend PaleyFest

Friday, March 13: Glee (7:00pm)
Moderator: TBA

Jane Lynch, “Sue Sylvester”
Lea Michele, “Rachel Berry”
Chris Colfer, “Kurt Hummel”
Amber Riley, “Mercedes Jones”
Darren Criss, “Blaine Anderson”
Dot-Marie Jones​, “Shannon Beiste”

*Plus additional guests to be announced


Noah Guthrie about Chris

Were you a fan of the show beforehand, if so, did you have a favourite cast member that you were eager to meet and what happened when you met them?

I was definitely a fan of the show, though I hadn’t seen every season, I always thought that it had a really strong cast and that the writing was great! My two favourite cast members were probably Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch and I was so happy to meet and work with them in person, they are both such amazing, kind people.


Glee 6×07 Promo “Transitioning”


Glee 6×06 Promo “What the World Needs Now”

Marshall Williams about Chris

Q) What was it like working with Chris Colfer and Lea Michele?

A) They are great to work with! Chris was very open arms and the one scene we filmed together was a blast. He was very supportive and they are a pleasure to work with.


See the cover for Chris Colfer’s ‘The Curvy Tree’

Glee star Chris Colfer added “New York Times bestselling author” to his résumé with his The Land of Stories series, and now, he can also add “picture-book author.” The Curvy Tree (out Oct. 27) is a companion picture book to the aforementioned series illustrated by Brandon Dorman.
Here’s the official description: “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who didn’t quite fit in. When she runs away, she happens upon a curvy tree who helps her understand the importance of being different.”
Also available on Oct. 27 is a new boxed set titled from the Land of Stories: The Mother Goose Diaries and Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty.


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