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“Klaine” in an Elevator from “The Hurt Locker, Part 2”

Kurt and Blaine may end up regretting the time they decided to take the new elevator.

New stills, bts pictures and more

“6.07 Transitioning” episode stills

Glee 6×05 Promo “The Hurt Locker, Part 2”

‘The Hurt Locker, Part Two’ BTS pictures

Small spoiler?

Regular viewers of Glee have gotten very used to Kurt and Blaine over the years. Will Spencer interact with them much? We’ve seen a little bit with Kurt but that’s about it.

Marshall Williams: Later on in the season Kurt’s going to help Spencer work out some issues. They have a special kind of bond because they both are united in the sense that they both are gay.


Picture of Chris and Austin Brue

Austin Brue, one of the Warblers, posted a picture of Chris and himself

austin_brue: After years of being told that I look like @hrhchriscolfer , I finally met him and realized we actually don’t look that much alike when you put us side by side! one day left until some more Warbler fun on @gleeonfox ❤️ #GLEE #Gleek #GleeSeason6 #Warblers #DaltonAcademyWarblers #ChrisColfer #KurtHummel

Chris in the “What The World Needs Now” episode of Glee

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