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Chris Colfer on Writing Glee Episode: Expect ‘Animals and the Elderly’ (But No Miley Cyrus)

Just one day after TVLine broke the news that Chris Colfer will write a Season 5 episode of Glee, we caught up with the future scribe for some scoop on his highly anticipated creation — which will most definitely not involve twerking.

“I promise that it’s better than it sounds,” Colfer said Tuesday night at Glee‘s 100th episode party in West Hollywood. “I think we’re going to do something … with animals and the elderly. I kind of have this shot to do a really selfish episode, which if it was for me, I would probably have done a Miley Cyrus tribute episode. But I’m trying to do the best episode that I can, rather than do something selfish.”

Colfer said getting to write an episode was a “complete invitation,” one he never expected to receive.

“I’ve been asked in interviews if I ever wanted to write one, and I said, ‘Absolutely not because it was not my world,’” he explained. “I didn’t want to tamper with someone else’s image. Then they were like, ‘Here, come tamper.’”

Colfer also confirmed he’ll get to pick out the songs in his episode, though he admits his dream number (“a mashup of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ and ‘Jellicle Cats’”) probably won’t make the cut.

For now, Colfer is excited for fans to witness Kurt’s return to New York City — and all the Klaine drama that will come with it.

“He’s living in New York, working at the diner and Vogue, going through some ups and downs with his relationship,” he teased. As for Kurt and Blaine being in the same city, Colfer thinks that makes their relationship “a little more grown up. … It’s not so, like, ‘love letters.’”