Chris Colfer Online


Is this Chris’ official website?
No, this is a fan site dedicated to him and his work. This is a website run by fans for fans.

Do you know Chris?
No, we do not know Chris.

Have you ever met Chris?
Yes, I met him briefly in Paris at his book signing back in 2013.

Do you have Chris’ e-mail/aim screen name/home address/etc?
No, I don’t have anything to get in touch with him! You can try tweeting him though, he might answer your tweet.

Does Chris have a facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat or any other personal blogs?
Chris has Twitter (@chriscolfer), Instagram (@hrhchriscolfer) and snapchat (@chriscolfer90) accounts.

Has Chris ever visited this site?
I really don’t know. He might have, he might not have. His management might have or might not have. I hope though that someday he’ll come to the site, and hopefully like and appreciate the support.